Parent - Teacher collaboration app for Smart Learning

Track Attendance, Anaylze academic Progress, View events, Daily Worksheets, Class and Exam Routines, Track kids' Health and Prepare your kid Future Smart



Paperless attendance, instant update to parent, snapshot and aggregated view saves effort in tallying data.

Update and track scores of the student, get average and subject wise analytics to find the strength and weakness

Teachers will update the daily activities or worksheets. Parents can view current or past worksheets.

Schools can stop printing notices and sending them. Parents can stop worrying about missing the announcements

View how and what the kids are enjoying and doing in school. Live the memories.

Refer to this view to pack your school bags daily. No need to worry about the exam routine and syllabus.

Inform the Teacher for any special attention. Track the kid's health parameters instantly before rushing to school with tension.

Set the goals for preschool kids for the future and help the teachers to make them future ready.


Sneak peek into the future ofSmart Digital Learning Collaboration


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